speed cameras, a new use?

can I ask for your support in a new campaign?

this is to change the use of speed cameras for monitoring road traffic by pointing the cameras upwards and photographing passing birds.
the photographs could be then analysed for any evidence of avian flu.
our campaign suggests that richard brunstrom, chief constable of North Wales be placed in charge of this preventive measure.

i concede that this would have no impact on the avian flu pandemic but it would allow prime misister tony blair to give an impassioned speech on the subject of
“tough on bird flu, and tough on the causes of bird flu” and give the chief constable something else to persecute.

Hehehe, nice one Darryl! I vote yes!

You have my vote too… LOL…

Are the RSPB supporting this new scheme? I know I am!

protect those little birds… what ever it takes…

Good show dude… Hey I like the new bike much better than the gs sorry if it was my fault for selling the old one but hey at least I ragged it before hand

dj jc thanks. you made meon the way back from frith!

pics of my new bike coming soon!

haha good one Mate and wheres the pic of your new bike and what is it?

That is funny…

What is the punishment for disabling/destroying one of those “Big Brother” boxes, by the way?

Probably the death penalty, either that or a pat on the back and a free cup of tea. You can’t tell with this society.

Me 2

So which political party would execute you and which would offer you the free cup of tea?

Criminal Damage - In certain circumstances, the maximum penalty is Lifeimprisonment.