A new fixed camera has just gone up in between the mosque and the university on plumstead road,heading in to woolwich,its sits quite away back from the road so is hard to spot until your on top of it .

I give it a week before its burnt out :wink:

Hopefully the pikeys will take it away for some recycling,bit of a strange place to put it ! at the best of times the traffic crawls down that stretch.

yeah saw that a few weeks ago…they have not painted the floor marking yet so it should be ok for a while…although i still slow down just in case

And we’re getting close to bonfire night too!


Thats cause it one of the new ones that has markings on lens, dont need road markings anymore

Ah thats handy to know as two of the new ones i’ve seen don’t have markings on the road Thanks for that

theres the same make of camera near me and that has markings on the road