Speed Awareness Scheme

Well a few of you may remember the debate about wheelies and what I could expect after getting stopped in November…

I’ve now got a letter from ‘DriveTech’ saying that they are about to launch a new Rider Improvement Scheme mid May, which they intend to invite me on at the end of May… instead of reffering me back to TVP for prosecution and getting points and a fine. Sounds ok, even at £100.

But, the end of May coincides with the 6 month time period TVP have to prosecute me within. So do I still have to go? Is the time period calculated in calendar months or a set number of days eg. 180?

If I get the letter after the six months, I refuse and it gets reffered back to TVP can they still legally prosecute me? Or, if the letter arrives before the six months is up and I refuse, but TVP don’t contact me within before 6 months, can they still prosecute? So many possibilities!!! But really I just want to know if any paperwork from the scheme acts as any legal notification, that can be subsequently used to progress a prosecution (the letter I’ve just received wasn’t special delivery or recorded, doesn’t specify any incident… its just a generic info letter).

Interestingly the DriveTech website says I should have done the course within 5 months of the incident, but that was last week! Its also apparent that the courses are specific to speeding rather than road craft… as I was not reported for speeding how relevant?

What do you lovely lot reckon? Do I stand a chance of not having to fork out any cash or am I done for?

i’d pay the cash and keep my head down.

gift horse, mouth…

Tempting JB, and I will if it comes to it, but if they don’t pull their finger out and miss the six months thats not my fault is it? So would you give away £100 to sit through an hour long hazard perception test on a computer, a two hour long debate on accident statistics and the consequences of speeding and a two hour long ride with an IAM instructor and two other “speeders”!!! Doesn’t really float my boat…

Theres only one way to find out!

But get an excuse ready like you were on holiday just in case it comes back to haunt you.

I’d pay the £100 and say thanks! :slight_smile:

It’s nice to try and beat the system but get the dates wrong and the system tends to beat you back a lot harder…


Your playing with fire.

The 6 months you refer to is the time they have to lay the evidence.

also, for those that think you do a hazard perception test followed up by a discussion and a bimble on the road are incorrect.

you couldn’t be further away from it.

There is NOTHING ‘on-road’ just a course you attend.

It’s offered as an alternative to prosecution, £100 for your licence intact.

I think it’s money well spent, but then i could be construed as biased being TVP…


maybe if i got caught breaking the law and was offered a way out i would be well chuffed.

balls in your court, i know what i would do.