Spark plugs

Just bought a vfr400 nc21 what are the correct plugs for her and gaps. Thanks.

What’s in there already? they might be the correct ones. Failing that a haynes manual will tell you.

Looks like the gap should be 0.7mm

Recommended first upgrade, the manual

I’m guessing he’s got 'em out and he’s not liking the look of 'em. Too hot, too cold, too rich to lean or some such shenanigans. A little more information would help or is it too much expecting folk to check the condition of the outgoing bits and bobs?

Top tip - Note which plug came from which cylinder and check the condition of each plug against one of the many available ‘spark plug condition charts’

If its a new to you used mo’cycle give it a proper service regardless of the service history. Check, inspect and replace everything as required, you’d be shocked at what dealer servicing will either miss out or not include. When I picked up The 250 as a low mileage 8 year old, with Full Honda Dealer Service History including 8 neat stamps in the service book, the dealer assured me it passed through their workshop with flying colours. Not so when I came to get down and dirty with it myself.