Spanner of shame

The internet is a big place As with everywhere that offers a service please be cautious when handing out your money to people for work on your bike.

This post will be updated to detail anything that members should be especially mindful of when looking to deal with people who in the past have attracted a number of comments.

Be aware:

Gareth Of Ruislip

(Some of these links are now blind due to action taken on the host site)

This member recently used a username of GSXRWRST1100 to sign onto the forum. The account has now been suspended.

As with everyone who offers a service via the LB forum members should exercise care when selecting people to carry out work. It’s always a good idea to seek a recommendation from previous customers if you’ve not dealt with the person or company that you see mentioned on LB.

At all times it’s a case of Buyer Beware - LB will not accept any responsibility for poor service following a members recommendation about a particular service provider.

Service providers who have attracted feedback are welcome to respond to anything raised (good or bad) and are encouraged to do so.

As with everything please bear in mind the rules relating to the Praise and Shame section