SPADA ST1 boots

anyone got them, tried them or know much about them ? Fastbikes mentioned them and for under £100 wonder if much good ?

I’ve just asked their PR guy for some info, stand by.

can get a pair brand new for £80 thinking its worth a punt…:slight_smile:

next question winter gloves which brand is warmest :slight_smile:

Ok, from the horse’s mouth:

"Hello and thanks for considering Spada.

The ST1 boots have proved to be very popular since they were introduced and we’re looking to add some coloured variants to the range. If you’re looking for a fantastic value sports boot with performance kicking above its weight, then look no further – plenty of protection without making them uncomfortable (or squeaky), removable toe sliders etc.

Spada also offers the Predator boot, £89.99, which offers plenty of protection, sporty looks but is also completely waterproof with a breathable membrane. This is available in red, blue, black and white.

Take a look at for more information.

We’re also always keen to hear from our customers, so please email us at [email protected]

p.s. The Elite WP glove is new for 2010 and offers the protection of a sports glove but with the dryness and warmth of a winter glove without the bulk. "

Hope that helps and as you point out Steve, for that kinda money it is well worth a punt.

If you do take the plunge, let me know what you think eh?

well mine arrived got them for £80.99 they look ok with lots of support on ankles and shins etc, they are a bit tight round the calf at the moment but will hopefully ‘give’ with more use, so far they seem good value for money and as winter is coming they will get a good test, more details to follow when worn in a bit more :slight_smile:

update on these boots…they are [email protected] !!!

started out ok broke in fairly easily apart from tight round calfs thought would give but they never, now after only 2 months of use the zip is coming away from the boots looks like design fault as only single stitched :angry:, have been in touch with ghostbikers and paid the extra and now purchased SIDI evo rains which arrived today, have mailed fastbikes to ask how long they tested them for, also Emailed SPADA with NO response, so in my experience pay the extra and avoid these boots

Hey Steve,

I have the SIDI EVO rain, been using them about a year, f***ing great boots. Ok more cash but warm, rainproof and still look near new. I have been using them all year sun / rain etc

Only issue was zipper pull thingy broke so I used the old key ring loop on them, fine since


got a pair of sidi evo’s been in constant use for over 2 years, they finally started to get damp after 400 miles torrential rain :w00t: so about time treated myself to new pair :smiley:

had the zip problem as well