Southwest London MOT / Reasonably Priced Maintenance



I need to get an MOT for a CRF250L.

It also needs a new clutch lever and a new yoke (or is it called a triple tree? it’s just the top part). I have the new yoke.

Needs to be in Southwest London area. Could anyone make a recommendation for workshop to do this? I used to use About Town in Wandsworth, but they buggered off somewhere. There’s also Riverside Motorcycles on Putney Bridge Road but I have heard from a friend they are a bit pricey for doing work.

Secondly, if anyone has an idea of what kinda time a clutch lever and yoke replacement should take that might help in trying to figure out if I’m being swindled. :slight_smile:

Any suggestions much appreciated.

EDIT: is this even the right category for such a question?


I use Motorcycle Surgery in Streatham. Dunstan runs that shop and is a good honest bloke. Mac Motors in Tooting also get recommended quite a bit.


Cool, thanks. Will check them out.


I use this guy when I’m over that way


Guys at work use