Southwark Motorcycle Parking

On Tuesday I have a job interview in Southwark in very close proximity to Greggs on Tower Bridge Road (79 Tower Bridge Rd, London SE1 4TW)

Does anyone know of any good places round there to park a motorbike? I’ve been on Southwark Council’s interactive map of parking bays but I don’t know if it’s my computer screen or their map but struggling to discern any of the colours (

I don’t mind a 5 minute walk or so, but too much more and my commute becomes unbearable. This job would be ideal if I can land it as it would cut my commute down considerably (currently I go to Kensington)

I know this topic has come up countless times before, but if anyone has anything to add on what they do with their suits when riding that would be appreciated. Hopefully I can leave them in work, otherwise I thought I’d give one of those roll bags a go

There is some parking in barham street
I don’t no of any further down

Here you go. They’re all just on street parking and none of the ones on Bermondsey Street have rails for chains sadly. I was lucky enough to have off street parking when I worked in the area.

Good luck with your interview!


I work just up road, just messaged you some good spots next to my office where you can chain a bike up.

Thanks all for the replies, much appreciated!