Southend pics and videos

Still quite pleased my bike set that pub alarm off:w00t: Hear the thunder:D

well ya know you’ve either got it or ya aint :wink:

I would of loved to of seen that vid if you did it lol. Shame i missed ur bloody wheelies aswell that would of been a sight ahahah! Yeh you and ur monster bike rofl I wish someone recorded that moment, ******* classic!

I just wish I still had the torque from my old sv to pop wheelies :crying: can’t say I’ve done any on the Fz yet. Oh and after southend I want a Tuono!!! (facesliders especially what a f***ing noise) :smiley:

Go on, get a Tuono, you know you want to:D

Next time we’re out and the weather is ok your more than welcome to have a blast on mine, just to feel the full force of the beast of brentwood:D:D

WOOHOOO!! I’m gonna hold you to that :wink:

As I said before, when you get a Tuono you have to wheelie, it’s rude not to, it’s in the owners manual;)

Well you did let me win at pool;) or did you:w00t:

well ya know just wanted to be polite :Whistling:


Did you find your way back ok mate?

Yeah we all decided to head back to ace afterwards, and then I rode back from there with Smiled,RoadRunner and Kenada so all was good :slight_smile:

I just looked up for a Tuono and simply I could buy one, but I couldn’t insure it :crying:

One day mate, one day:)My Tuono was pretty cheap to insure, it was about £150 cheaper than the 636 I had at the time.:slight_smile:

Yeah thats my new goal, need to learn how to get the front wheel up on my FZ, my Sv used to just do it off the throttle, and also dumping the clutch at the lights :wink: