Southend pics and videos

I’ve uploaded my pictures to Flickr. Would love to see any others!

hey mate, we lost you on the way back, what happened?
at least you have GPS :wink:

here are some pics from the worst camera phone known to mankind:

she was a filthy girl after the snow and ice man impressions on the way to SE, so gave her a good scrub and put the cover on just as it started to snow again :smiley:

looks like it was worth chancing the snow…

i’m half way through the longest shift known to man.

Here with my son and his Wii so i guess it could be worse…

any more tales to tell???

Nice pics mate, apart from the one of me eating:w00t:

freezed our nads off, snow/ice was literally falling off us at the lights, but cleared up towards SE
was straight fwd ride but spread out a bit due to the weather, had a laugh though

stayed in SE for a walkabout and lunch then straight back when it started snowing again, need the bike clean for commuting

seen on the forum that others had a bit more eventful rides, for example i think garret had an off on cobbles on his way home
no nuts riding going on that i could see due to the weather

oh and you have to hear faceslider’s exhaust on his tuono! damn! :smiley:

who ate all the pies!!

I only had 2 sandwiches, I’m on a diet:w00t:

iain thanks for the pix and sorry we lost you…what the heck happened? how did we manage to lose just after we set off? did you get scare of the police car that was behind you??:slight_smile:


Let’s have another one when the weather is more ‘clement’! (I might actually make it all the way!)

My lovely new(ly painted) exhaust got covered! And cleaned straight away when I got back :wink:





See also videos from the day :slight_smile:

What a mad day, weather was all over the show, rain, snow and sunshine, great pictures only next time could you add the smell and the noise.

Your fish and chips looked good, shame about your mushy peas.

What was that red and white beast of a car?

The red and white number was a mustang ruined by a crappy number plate :slight_smile: Sounded good though.

Love the title of the pic with me in it lol!!! :wink:

Yeah, you are a charmer! :wink:

“you’ll do” is a stand out quote!

:wink: well ya know how it is soo many soo little time :smiley:

nice pics, shame you only got one of me :(. I wish I bought my camera now :frowning:

Some of my pics from the day can be seen here…

some interesting pics there r6scally

you old dog! :wink:
what a charmer … the lovely waitress loved you, didn’t she!!!

I only took 3 pics and they were at bm, I was hoping to have my bullet cam on so I could make a vid but couldnt because of that poxy snow:w00t:.