South West London rides-outs

Hi All

I am new to London Bikers, I live in Putney in SW London and often go out on rides (sunny evenings/weekends). I normally head South/South West of London, Box Hill, the A281, A272, A22 all being roads I like to frequent. I ride a Kawasaki ZX12R at present and ride at fast road pace, I am keen to go riding with other bikers, so if you fancy a run out at any point, reply to this post or drop me a message!



Sw London - battersea here.
Up for evening ride out depending on schedule!
You might need to slow down Abit for me though! I m Abit rusty! : )

more westies always needed! im close to bentford, usually free to ride fridays and saturdays

stay on here, there are rides going out most weekends, you might just have to get yourself up to the Ace Café. which isn’t all that far form you. if they are going south then there is often a second meet at box hill. this sunday you could go out with Tim R

Excellent thanks, well I’m always up for a ride so drop me a line if you’re ever keen. I will have a look at the ride outs section and that link!

New Malden here… Always up for a ride. Say when and Ill be there if available

Ok will do. Bit of a long shot but Monday 10th August if it is sunny I may go out as have the day off. Would anyone be keen?

Ill be there… off mondays too :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent news, what bike are you on? Hopefully we’ll have good weather.

CBR600RR R4 :wink:

Holding thumbs!

Excellent, well I may have the straight line speed but you’ll have the corner ability! What sort of pace do you ride at? Looking forward to a run! Are you off today, do you want to go out this afternoon!?!

Prefer fast paced :wink: Unfortunately I am at work lol, heading out for a few drinks afterwards also so I am out of action today. Early ride Sunday if you keen?

Wassup I’m a local biker based in Fulham so not too far from you! Driving for me is a hobby and I’m currently learning how to wheelie on my adrenaline 125! Direct message me on n1_luca on snap or insta!

You up for a ride?

@n1-luca, that was 5 years ago,

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