Sorry we've been away and negleted you

Looks like you all had a good time out on yer bikes.
We were away cutting the lawn for a week and satisfying Mrs J’s urge to swim across Coniston Water (with me spotting for her in a rowing boat so she didn’t get decapitated by motor launches). That done, I resolved to take her up a small hill to get her in the mood for her introduction to hill walking:

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looks lovely, and lots of sunshine, hope you are both feeling refreshed after your holiday.
did you get Mrs J;s Rav stuck any where this time?

Refreshed!!! No chance, after all that heavy gardening (we dug the lot and mowed it all twice) and all the hills. (Rav was fine thanks, we walked up all the high bits) :

I took Mrs J up the Stickle Tarn

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Looks like you had a lovely time. Might join you for some brekkie soon. Sunday’s are off the table at the moment. Any Saturday rideouts planned?

Then we did Loughrigg Fell.

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Then after I`d got her trained we did a small mountain.
Haystacks with views of Buttermere, Great Gable, Wastwater and Mrs J.

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The last pic (of the high pointy bits) shows where we climbed to. Mrs J can’t wait to get to work tomorrow for a rest.

@ Changy, we’ll be out riding at the weekend but are too tired to plan it til later in the week :slight_smile:

Welcome back, Sundaes haven’t been the same

Well we thought of you - we have a farm with a tearoom and home-made icecream ready for your next visit. :slight_smile:
(Mind you - you might have to climb that small mountain afterwards, we did)

Great pics!

Looking at those pics, I seriously wonder why your both coming back…

Wilkommen zueruck

Not been the same but l managed through.

Mrs J seems to have spent a lot of time on her back (compared to on the back) hope she didn’t overdo it.

Nice scenery

it seems Chris has got the hang of uploading photos then!

it seems that you also forgot how to spell correctly Mr J.
i’d give you a C for the pictures :smiley:

You took her up te Stickle Tarn!!? we’ll have none of that filthy talk on here thankyouverymuch…keep it private, pm me pics and details :smiley:

Awesome photos.

Fabulous scenery and very nicely captured by Mr ‘‘David Bailey’’ J. I can’t help but notice that Mrs J seems to be horizontal in most of the pics. What have you been doing to the poor woman?!?

Looks very nice, very Wainwrighty. :slight_smile:

Was all from Wainright :slight_smile:
What happened to Mrs J? exhaustion

Can I have you permission to enlarge and frame the third picture - I know the perfect spot for it [insert appropriate emoticon here]