sorry havnt been on

hi guys sorry havnt been on ive been in hospital to have big opp .

i lost 4pints of bloody so guess it didnt go to well,

iam ok at mo iam at home in pain but good (sold me bike )but will get new one in new year .

i had my collar bone done and was going to have leg done but lost blood so they didnt do leg .

well take care guys and girls have good xmas and new year .

Sounds like your having a tough time there. Hope you feel better soon and I look forward to seeing you on 2 wheels.

Doesn’t sound good fella. I hope it wasn’t bike related? All the best… don’t be a stranger…

as long as you can use your fingers your welcome here…

get well soon

Hope you recover soon…!!

With that amount of blood loss…have a look at eating more iron rich food spinich, broccoli, cabbage (2 of pints of guiness a day would do the trick too!!!) this is just a thought… have a look for yourself (helps you regain strength fatster).

get well soon buddy…

and keep typing…!!!

all the best…


Sounds like a bit rough time time at the moment. Hope you recover and get back on 2 wheels soon.

Welcome back and get well soon fella.

Sorry to hear your op went a badly, hope you recover soon, do you have loads of help? Sorry to hear the bike is gone but it must be great at the thought of a new one… Keep in touch and let us know how things are going…

Have a great Xmas & New Year

Ann x

Get well soon matey

Sorry to hear about your op mate, Get well quick…

thanks all for replys and yes it was to do with bike but had rta threes ago and they only dont collar one this year lol …