sore arse in the morning

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

No gear and still no idea :w00t:

Looking at the picture it wasn’t just a sore arse he’d suffered…:w00t:

Caption time :smiley:

“Look ma, I’z riding a motorbike … where iz tha brake … ooh ooh”

Motorbike tells rider: “I’m tired of you riding me all the time… you’re my b*tch now”

Up, up…and not away…:stuck_out_tongue:

what a noob :hehe:

World’s Strongest Man moves on to the bike bench-press challenge? :hehe:

He also cracked his head open and the bike hit him in the bollox :slight_smile:

Its on youtube…

Gravity sucks.:stuck_out_tongue:

There was a bloke in the USA. He was a stunt man called dick trick mick. Basically he used to do a rolling 100ft stoppie with a stalk on then role forwards and spin the bike around on the end of his chaps eye. No word of a lie…Got some old VHS videos of him…Had a knob like a babys arm holding a tennis ball…Dick Trick Mick…Legand of the gold coast. All the ladies loved it…

I come from down under:D

Dick Trick Mick