Sooo then ,am I on to something or just bein stupid ..

I dont usually bother with crash bungs . Fit and remove other peoples plenty , but not on my own bike . I have noticed that when a longer bung is used to crash with,it can make a right nasty job of bending the bolt that holds them in place . They can do a bit of damage and take more work than you would want to get them off the bike again . Soo I recently got a bargin brand new superduke set of bungs and R+G mountings for a tenner from fleabay .And they are very long . So I got thinking … And have fitted them with shock absorbers and extra strength … I think .

I made up a washer stack of hard/felxible/hard /flexible washer stack .

Stacked that up on a bolt longer than the standard kit has …

Then once thats shoved into the bung its a perfect fit , A slight tap home with a hammer and punch and its all down inside twith plenty thread sticking out the end .

Soo I have and extra inch or so more bolt up inside the actual bung and its surrounded by rubber . Its a issue thats less of a problem on the duke as the bungs do not mount directly to the bike , they go on via a bracket that you can remove if the bung gets so badly damaged it wont come off . This idea is more relavent to the likes of the CB1000r like Andys where they go into the engine itself .

So what do we think of this plan ?? Is it good thinking or can someone see an obvious mistake ?

I should add , Its not for shock absorbing on a straight over fall … it more for the leverage push against the bolt that makes them bend when it’s sliding along the road .

Not sure…if they’re (like mine) also engine mounts, can you get them torqued correctly with the extra washers in, and if so what’s the benefit of the soft washers?

The physics works for me.

Thats is torqued in to 30 lb so pretty strong . The rubber and solid I hope will aloww the bung to flex slighty when sliding along the road and transmit less shock to the bolt hopefully preventing it bending as bad as a normal setup .

Thats what I felt … It’s good to have the forum number cruncher thnking the same :slight_smile:

That’s what I did but I wasn’t as clever as that… Just did nut - space - nut - space etc

the thing is that in hard crashes like Andys the bolt usually bends*. so will the change in length make it more likely to snap off rather than bend?

*the good ones like R&Gs

There is more length ( out of context thread here i come ) but it is encased in rubber … Soo I am hoping the energy wil be absorbed and spread along the bolt rather than all at the point of greatest leverage .So I suppose I hope it will help against both . Obviously in a real hard 8inch kerb hopping lowside nothing would hold up … But it might make the difference in other circumstances . Well I have made a fine job of convincing me of that anyways . But really I aint sure …needs a crash test ,but I dont want to do that :hehe: