Hi Guys,

Anyone want a broken 40" LCD 1080hp TV?

Basically 6months ago my little one put some money into the side slot. and it went pop. It comes on but the screen is black.

To get it repaired is about £400 bills, which is not worth it but if anyone out there knows how to fix and can get the part they are welcome to it.

Its in HA8.

If not it’ll go into the skip.


Oooh I bet you were chuffed at the little one when you found out… :smiley:

Put it on eBay at least someone will pay you to take it away, even if it does end at 99p.

@ Serrisan Happen just after i was made redundant so I had to get a crappy Sharp 32" to replace it…kept it hoping to fix it.
@ Dan, cant be asked with putting it on E-bay will dump it this weekend if no one wants it.

Haha ‘went pop’

I’ll take this if I can arrange transport… you don’t have the model number by any chance do you?


@ conrad sony KDL 40w4000