Sonisphere 2011 - show us what you got up to!

I just got back, but PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO

If you REALLY hate those TUBORG beer cup scavengers… we went fishing for them!

Anyway, we had a great time… Slipknot was a washout which is why I thought their Download set was better… but some pics.

Ragging it home to cheltenham last night was a bit of a mission at 1:30!

I took my camera into the circle pit during Creeping Death when they were droppin their balls.

It’s nice when you’re at the front, you turn around and see

2 minute silence was awesome, but so was

Here’s a freeze frame of Joey

I am totally bruised from all the circle pits, pressups and general antics that I got up to. It’s a shame that my videos clipped during the Big 4 doing Am I Evil :cry:

That geezer in purple is at the wrong gig - doesn’t he know the dress code is black only :slight_smile:

t’was a good weekend! :smiley:

did you see alestorm?