Sometimes it just too hot to wear leather!

Now let me see…a shower or skin and bone graphs?

(I can get the front wheel back )

The girl must be [email protected] herself

At this point, she prolly not even know!

Oooh that’s going to hurt

It’s never too hot for leathers

I have seen 2 more pics in the sequence, it isnt pretty. Will see if I can find them.

OOhhh, find em, find em…

Always look on the bright side

He saves it, he saves it

…ahh the pain if he doesn’t

here they r…!!

pictures from



25 or 30mph what do ya think?

I think that site is an anti-motorcycle site, cause a few of those pictures the guys had full gear on!

dont think its anti-bike just american…!

Not anti-bike, just anti-stupid.

Yeah, it’s American in its outlook so to say “sensationalist” wouldn’t be an overstatement, well from a Brit point of view (sorry Front222) but if you can get past that there are some thought-provoking bits.

Oh I am totally aware of American media propaganda, that’s why I like the BBC , but you should click on the from that site, this is definitely something I appreciate and can’t stand cuz I like that they bring attention to the issue but seriously. A shirt that says “A local motorcyclist was killed this week…” is pretty over the top.

The more I look at that site, the more pissed off I become, wtf is the point in making a site like that???

The ones I was talking about and cant find are 2 pics taken after he loses the front end. Her foot hits the tarmac first, before they both go down. She has sandals on too…

well i think that picture just be stuck on the opening page of lb, to remind everyone to wear theyre gear!

Of course. And the BBC is trustworthy to a fault and completely without bias.

Suzuki SV1000s for sale.

nice bike as well. shame