something the whole world should see

farewell George Bush!!!

Treated with the contempt he deserves. They never went there to look for nuclear weapons material or to liberate the Iraqis - they wanted a strategic base in the region (as they were being asked to move out of their bases in Saudi Arabia because it was causing domestic political problems for the nasty Saudi regime which they help to prop up) + a bit of ‘racial revenge’ for 911 thrown in - any ‘ragheads’ would do - even if - like the Iraqis - they had nothing to do with the attacks.

The 911 outrage and desire for revenge provided the opportunity to go after these strategic and political goals.

The murdering scumbag Saddam Hussein wouldn’t of been able to seize power in Iraq in the first place if he hadn’t been supported by western intelligence agencies who saw him as a useful counterweight to a left/communist dominated middle east.

Stiletto woulda been better!!:w00t: more precise a hit with one of them;)

Exactly what I point out to people.

Ha ha. Excellent. Shame it wasn’t a direct hit!

How did this drunk, lying, cheating fraudster ever become president . . . I think I may have answered my own question in that statement!

haha very funny

got to agree in part with the past comments but do you think anyone in iraq could throw a shoe at Saddam, seems that they have more freedom than before…

but I doubt there has ever been a more reviled president ever…

I think it will be a long time before we see an end to this mans and Blairs legacy…but no matter the hate, killing nigh on 4000 people in the US can never be acceptable and they. the Americans have the right to defend themselves…trouble is they were fighting such an elusive and bizzarre opponent no one had any real answers as to what to do…

America seems to be the worst and best of all the people of the world…it is made up of virtually every nation that has ever been and yet they are hated by so many, they themselves seem arrogant and ignorant. It is a modernish experiment in people integration that has simply gone wrong.

And its not just Bushes fault…

But what does the so called civilised world do, leave the middle east to continue its forever wars against the people and women, , and freedom and life, do we sit back and continue to allow them to destroy each other and perhaps us in the future…just what do we do…I wonder what will happen once Iran has the bomb…its not an easy world out there and I dont envy our future generations task of solving these problems…

I don’t know what made me laugh more?
The actual act of throwing a shoe at Bush?!?!?!?
The fact that his Secret Service bodyguards were so slow that the guy managed to have time to remove his second shoe and throw that as well?!?!?!?!?
Or the fact that the man who has been at the head of the worlds super powers for all these years cannot see the significance of what just happened?!?!?!?

The act of throwing a shoe is the ultimate insult an arabic person can bestow upon anyone!

His reaction? I quote… “If you want the facts, it was a size 10 shoe!” “I think he just wanted attention!”

My reaction?.. W****r!!!