Something changed?

It used to be when you went onto the site URL on mobile it would always take you to latest/unread.

Now it seems like it goes to main page?

Not a big deal as can favourite the latest page but I did like always going to the latest when on phone

I thought it was just me. Yeah it’s irritating to arrive on categories rather than latest.

Yeah me too. Not a big deal but preferred it like it was.

Paging @Jay

Oh yeah, so it is. Sorry, we didn’t change anything but do apply updates to the Forum software regularly. The last update must have changed something. I’ll look into it now.

Something’s broken, something we didn’t make :slight_smile: Have tried to fix it to no avail. Have logged as support request.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? :joy:

Yes :slight_smile: Also tried updating the forum software and the custom component that we use to force the Latest view for mobile users.

We’ve created an issue on the component but they haven’t responded yet :frowning: I think I may have to get my hands dirty and try and figure out why it doesn’t work anymore. Sigh, the whole point of moving from a bespoke forum software to an off the shelf one was to avoid situations like this.

It’s not a big deal Jay. Just chill.and let them get back to you…

If you want it to always go to the /latest page when only the domain is specified then why not just put a redirect in the server config or .htaccess rather than mess with the code?

I want a partial refund of my membership fee.

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The forum software (Discourse) is containerised. We don’t touch anything inside it, plus it’s self managing/updating so going in there and fiddling with stuff is a sure-fired way to cause problems. But also we don’t want all users to see the latest page, just mobile users. We want desktop users to go to the current homepage.

We have an open-source custom component that plugs into Discourse that’s meant to handle this for us, but it’s stopped working since a recent Discourse update.

I’ll chill out as @Serrisan says though :slight_smile:

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Seems to be fixed now.

Yes I’ll second that

Cheers @Jay :ok_hand:

Well done @Jay. You can keep all my membership fee after all.

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You’re welcome :slight_smile: