Someone smashed into my car tonight

I was sitting at a red light behind another car. All of a sudden this car came hacking from the road to my left and wanted to turn up the road I had just come down. The driver totally misjudged the corner and was out of control. So much so that they over steered and veered onto my side of the road and hit the front corner of my car! I won’t go into huge detail but they tried to make out it was my fault!!! What!!! I was sitting there minding my own business and all of a sudden this car came from no where and crashed into me.

So lucky I wasn’t on the bike cause I would have been in hospital right now and with a severe smashed up bike!

The car is pretty bad the front cross member has been mangled into the front tyre so it’s not drivable!


Sorry to hear that mate

There is definetely something wrong with LB, everyday something!

Cheers mate. Could not believe they tried to blame me for the crash though!

sorry to here it mate do you have witnesses?

You must have witnesses, if sitting in a queue! Oh man, bad luck! Damn lucky though as you say, that you weren’t on the bike, but then I guess you wouldn’t have been sitting there. Ooops. So did you swap insurance details, and then procede to tell him you’re a member of LB and if he doesn’t cough up, he’s going to be in a lot of trouble with a lot of people?

Rottie that’s so true!

T - hard lines mate but sounds like you’ll be in the clear. Take some pics while there? That always helps and it is very difficult to argue that stationary vehicle is to blame for any accident.

You’ll be cleared. They’re insured?

I have a witness which is good, a pedestrian of all things and I did appeal to the car drivers aorund me but no one wanted to get involved (bassa’s). I took pictures of my bumper and smashed glass all over the road to show the position of my car. Swapped insurance details but I am not fully comp so I will still lose out really until there insurance company pay out.

I really couldn’t believe how bad this persons driving was it shocked me and I am so lucky I was in the car.

Thanks for your support people very much appreciated.

just a little tip mate, when you fill out forms about the smash, make sure you say you had the handbreak on or they fight it sayin you was rollin.

somethin like that happened to me, just keep it in mind mate, good luck

Good idea I didn’t think of that. I had the handbrake on anyway but I will make sure I mention it. Cheers.

Sorry to hear about it mate…go through all the proper channels if ure sure its not ure fault i…e contact ure insurance compnay say u ahad an accident and thye may say log it with the police etc…

What W**kers who didnt want to get involved i cant believe some ppl these days!

I am 100% positive they were to blame and I called my insurance company last night to get the ball rolling.

As for the other drivers not being witnesses nothing surprises me anymore to be honest not in London anyway.

Yeah, I’m surprised no-one else came forward as a witness. Don’t they realise it just goes around, that they’ll probably need a witness at some point as well? Hrm, society sucks at times, us bikers have got to stick together!

To true Jay. Bikers have a definate loyal bond to each other where as the average car driver is an a%$e.

The bloke in front of me at the lights (not the person that hit me) got out of his car as well cause he thought he may have been hit too I suppose. When he saw his car was not hit he looked at me laughed and drove off!

Man, there’s some crazy sh!t happening on the roads. Glad your ok.

You sound a bit shaken and I’m sure that the unexpected impact has caused whiplash? Did you sleep ok last night? Any headaches? More to the point did you wake up stiff? Get to the doctor or A&E.

I’m not surprised that no car drivers came forward, I’d be very surprised if they saw anything. Do you really think car drivers consentrate on the road or what’s going on around them. You know that your observation skills are far higher then a car drivers as that’s what keeps you alive on a bike.

I can’t believe the guy in front laughted at you, what a fecker. His karma cheque is in the post.

Sorry to hear Tel. Hope your ok as the pain usually comes later as at the time of the incident the adrenaline in your body will mask any pain. Go and see a doctor mate. Did you call the police?

Let me know if you need any help.

No pain what so ever. I called the police and they said they were not prepared to attend the scene. Nice isn’t it they pull me for speeding and causing no harm to anyone but when someone stacks into me when I am sitting in traffic they don’t want to know!

They prolly must have asked you if anyone is injured and if you say no they dont attend.

Yup thats it. Thing is I don’t care if no one is injured I want police presence as it avoids people trying to lie later on trhough insurance companies.

Since no-one was injured, he wont be prosecuted either. Hate to say it, if you want cops to attend a scene, you have to lie about being hurt.

Yeah I know mate it’s rubbish isn’t it. The Police aren’t there to protect the victims.