Somebody's Been At My Bike

Looks like the thieving scum have clocked my bike. I keep it covered as it’s parked outside and this morning the cover had been removed. It’s impossible for the wind to do this and it was parked between my car and a tall van!

Only problem is, I dont know if they saw what it is and thought it wasn’t worth stealing, or if they just didn’t have the tools with them last night to complete the job. I’m hoping it was the first one as I don’t have anywhere else to keep the bike.

They can’t be too clever though as why leave the cover off and let me know they’ve been looking, it would have made more sense to put it back as it was and I would be none the wiser. Unless that is they got disturbed.

I feel violated

Are you able to lock your chain through your cover, if so, this could deter any potential theives. I know it isn’t much use if they’ve already seen what bike it is. Could you perhps park it on a different road for the next few nights. PM The Sleeper, I believe he had an idea for a cheap theft deterant.

someone (kids no doubt) have been fiddling with mine, the ignition is dented and whatnot.

Pointless exercise really, disc lock and chain would have prevented them moving it.

I guess I could make some holes in the cover in order to put the lock through it. My main concern now is that they come back for it with the tools they need.

At the moment, it’s parked in the only place where I can physically chain the bike to a fixed object so if I park it elsewhere there will be nothing to chain it to.

I want a garage

egypt220 here
they may have thought it was a cbr or r6,if your lucky.
if not do you have any brazilian couriers living near you as they will nick anything they need to replace the bits on there’s.
they as s**t arse scumbags.

Think that’s a bit of a sweeping statement bordering on racist mate

egypt220 here
probs loggin on
its not racist at all,its a fact,i said brazilian as thats what brazilian courier are they are not welsh or jewish or french they are brazilian thats why i said it.
when the kiwi came over as courier they did not nick bits off of other peoples bikes.
so dont pull the racisiam line on me as i had a knife pull out on me by a black bloke i just broke his nose without thinking.i got taken to he said i hit him because he was black.
for a start off he was mixed raced.and i was born and bread in tottenham,and had many rasta mates when i was a punk back then.
i could not have given a st if he had been black,green,blue or white
so dont try and stir s
t you know nothing about.

SW have you got a tow hook on the front of your car or a kind neighbours (who isnt going to drive away lol)…or even a tow bar at the back to loop a chain around? If so see if you can chain the bike to that for now.

I’ll check that later, nice suggestion (as long as they dont break my car to nick my bike, lol)

Sory to hear that SheWolf hope nothing happens to it. I think GSXRAng got the right answer!