Some very bad and shocking news

This morning I returned to work after a great long weekend off and a lovely ride out to Finchingfield yesterday with some fellow LBers to be greeted with the news that a work colleague died yesterday in a motorcycle accident.

I feel properly shaken up and numb.

Not sure exactly why im posting this up here…just, ride safe guys and girls.

:frowning: very sad news


Sad news indeed…

Stay safe

Sorry to hear that .

Were they a LB member ?

No, he wasn’t a member
Turns out it was the reason Ongar Road was closed yesterday.

We rode past it on our way beck from Finchingfield

Sorry to hear this mate

Bery sorry indeed to hear this news. Thoughts with his family and friends at this time.

Very sorry to hear this, TheoC. Very bad, and sad, news.

whenever i hear of a biker passing away it effects me, if i knew them even more so.

unfortunetly this is what it is with motorbikes, its all very diffrent to other things like cars etc

i know the ongar road and FF very well, sorry to hear of your friend losing his life.

go easy out there, tis not a game.

Sorry to hear this.

Hope you’re ok and, dont let this affect your mind set when you’re out on the bike. As Ratty states this is the nature of the beast.

Ride Safe.

Sorry to read this mate.


defo put it to the back of your mind when your riding., my brother came off last week and broke his leg, luckly nothing more but i dont think about it at all when riding.

keep a clear mind, as ricco said, chin up fella.

very sad mate and a big shock no doubt. RIP to your buddy. i dont think any of us fully get over it when a biker friend gets taken. i still think of guys from years ago that i knew who lost their lives as your friend did. :frowning:

Very sad to hear. RIP.

Sad news, RIP, take care all.

Thanks all
Been trying to get my head around it all day.
He was a good kid, fitted in well and will be sorely be missed.

I really did contemplated packing it in, for a very short while this morning. Then I remembered the fun I had with LBers yesterday, the fun I’ve had riding in general and how that fun was had as sensibly as possible.
I will be back at Borough next Wednesday.

sorry to hear this RIP :frowning:

:frowning: may have even been a customer of mine, alot use them roads.

sorry to hear that, very sad news, thought go out to he fam:& friends, RIP

He was in the Gants Hill store a bit…one of the HG fans :slight_smile: