Some photos of my finished bike...

Finished up the Ninja project yesterday morning

Went for the MOT which it sailed through :slight_smile:

Popped in to OMC to get my wheel weights stuck back on, cheers Matt

Then went out with my cousin George who knows how to take a mean photo or two.

Just thought I’d share with you lot…

Obligatory burnout to ruin rear tyre…

Is that your new road bike now?

Looks neat :slight_smile:

I’m keeping the Fazer for my everyday bike for now (next project is the commuter streetfighter :D)

The Ninja lives at my parent’s place and will be for weekend rides, touring etc…

Mwhahaha, knew you wouldn’t sell it!

nice job, cant wait to see the streetfighter

Haha yeah you got me there Dan!

After riding it around all day yesterday I realised it had to stay :smiley:

Nice job mate :cool:

Sweet. Looks laaavly jubbly.

oh so that was your bike matt was bouncing around like a basketball? :smiley:

nice pics :slight_smile:

Cheers guys

Also sorry serrisan I may have accidentally pushed in front of you yesterday?

No worries, I was loitering for a long time even when there were other benches free :wink: :slight_smile:

Looking good there :slight_smile:

nice job mate

Cheers for the compliments guys…


Well another compliment from me too and I can’t believe you even thought about selling it!


Very nice. I have the same one in red but yours is a wee bit tidier!

Ahh man I just had a look through these pictures… Wish it was this clean again!?! :w00t:

That looks really clean. Nice pictures too.

Shut it bum boy

It’s a zx636 a1p model, like the J1 J2 model but a couple of updates like the different fairing bracket which is nice. I’m not much of a fan of the ones that go over the top of the bars…