Some people are really not helping

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First the Oxford street jewellery robbery, now this… Not good…

I couldn’t give a **** if these c*nts are wiping each other out - but if these guys who got shot were innocent shopkeepers then this scum really have to be caught, convicted and not let out of prison ever. And while they’re are in prison it would be good to send them regular letters reminding them that because of their crimes they have p1ssed their entire lives up the wall.

Completely agree. If this kind of behaviour continues, we’ll never get the Westminster Parking scheme to back down. I just can’t believe these bikers want to jeopardise that.

Sorry couldn’t resist. :w00t:

I’m afraid I have to disagree. Motorcycles are vehicles. Crimes can be committed with a car or any vehicle, or no vehicle at all. What does it have to do with motorcycle parking?

Put that stick back down, you’ve got the wrong end of it :smiley:



yeah not sure what bikers have got to do with it… might as well say Helmet wWearing Gang Shoots 2 People. Stop making Helmet compulsory:) or Levis Jeans gang shoots people…

They are criminals, they picked a vechicle that allowed for a fast getaway… bikes were their choice :frowning: but so was the gun in his hand, the shoes they were wearing, the helmets gloves pants shirt etc etc etc…

I love it how we get into a bus lane or make a wrong turn and we get CCTV and Fines all over our asses… yet when a crime happens suddenly all the roads are no longer covered… but wait… if we hack into Hannah Montana’s facebook account the FBI and CIA will track us and find us in 24 hours… where is the justice in this world???

“Description of the suspects has been hampered by the fact that both men were wearing crash helmets.”

Err, Right. And presumably none of the CCTVs got a picture or a number plate? Or maybe the number plate was cloned or the bike had been stolen. Or they weren’t wearing distinctive leathers. How is it that we can be done via CCTV for stopping and adjusting our visor on a yellow line for 60 seconds but they can’t find somebody who’s firing guns around the place.

When I were a lad, etc.

Simply put, you as most motorcyclists, are law abiding citizens who have their vehicles registered to them and are very easily found.

Those that use motorcycles for committing offences such as murder / armed robbery tend not to use their own bikes registered to their home address.


Next stupid question ?


Not his fault… He is riding a Triumph… :smiley: