Some one I know got hit by lightning

here is his post I thought Id share it with you cause I think its amazing

I meant to post this a couple weeks ago, but didn’t get the chance. I got hit June 23…

Long and the short of it is this;

I was travelling east to see my Girlfriend in Manitoba at her parents house, she was returning from Africa (after being there for 9 months) and landing that night.
She didn’t know I was coming, it was a surprise…

Anyway, just outside of Moose Jaw, I got caught in the corner of a storm, and as I was powering through it, Right when It seemed the sky was clearing up, I was passing a semi-truck in the left lane, after I passed him, 3 lightning strikes hit the road directly in front of me, and the 4th caught me right in the back of the neck.

Everything we silent, and I went black.

I thought “This is it, God, into your hands I come”

I heard a “Whump” of a body hitting the ground, but didn’t feel a thing…


then, raindrops…and brightness…I opened my eyes and found myself staring at the sky.
thoughts hit me all once.

The pain;
I’m alive!
and confusion.

I asked God, why didn’t you take me? I don’t want to deal with this pain…
I was going through waves of concousnous…it hurt allot.

I was folded up in half in that hole in the ground…butt first, my head and feet poking out…

the trucker was there talking on his cell phone.
I was later told that the trucker thought I had been dismembered, and when he got closer and saw I was intact, it was convinced I was dead.

When he saw me move and heard me mumble,
He told me EMS was on their way…
“Oh good, Morphine is on it’s way!!!” is what I said to that…

In the hospital, The RCMP wondered how I could go off the road on a straight stretch of divided highway. the Dr. figured the bike had landed on me with my burns, but as I slowly came back, my memory came back too…(It still is in some ways, I don’t remember some stuff still)

Anyway, after backboards and neckbraces, X-rays etc. they determined my body wasn’t broken (which was amazing) then they inspected my burns and determined that yes indeed I had been hit by lightning, some of my levels were way off from electrical damage, etc.

By that night, i was walking around the hospital, and outside the muscle aches, and burns felt pretty good.

The only damage I suffered was a slightly skinned knee, 1st degree burns, and a sore shoulder and back for a couple days.

Thats it.

The Dr. says my levels (Forget what they are called) in my blood are returning to normal, and that I cannot get a high voltage electrical shock again for at least 3 weeks, to risk permanent damage to my cardiac muscles…

Not too shabby for being struck by lightning, then verring off the road at highways speeds and bouncing through the ditch.

I am thankfull to God for getting off so easy!!!

I’m not feeling 100% physically, but I think that’s from the McDonalds I had (jk)

When I saw those 3 initial strikes land right in front of me, I was ready to accept whatever outcome that would happen. I was thinking it would end in death…

Job 1: 20 “…The Lord Gave, and the Lord has taken away…”
Ecc 9:12 “Moreover, no man knows when his hour will come…”

but, my hope lay simply in this;

John 5: 24 “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned: he has crossed over from death to life”

Speechless !!

dude, well pleased your still here to tell the tail, and yer also pretty speechless I think your guardian angel must have been riding alongside you that day.

It was not ur time to go up…

Absolutely gobsmacked…what a tale to tell to your kids/grandkids etc…you were indeed not meant to be taken my friend…and can see your faith has been strengthened even more with that happening to you…cor would love to shake your hand mate !!! (if its not too sore that is!)…so pleased you are on the mend.


I guess you all thought this was me…It wasnt and I dont believe in GOD
but I know this guy and thought you would find his post …he posted on another forum, interestin

Thanx to Almighty, you’re still with us…

omg thats bad

wow that is quiet amazing…

So the dont ride a bike in a thunder storm… Thought you would be safe like in a car as the wheels are rubber

I once saw a tree get struck in a park as I was out playing when I was kid. Needless to say I have always headed for the cupboard under the stairs during storms since then

I hope he has no lasting effects to this.