Some good riding advice !!

Found this on Bukesafe !!

  1. Raise your vision higher and further. As far as you can see there is information to help you judge what’s going to happen next.

  2. Large vehicles will always win in the long run - Let them go. At roundabouts the tractor unit travels around them, but their trailers go straight across. Don’t try to beat them through the hazard and never ride up the inside – the driver probably won’t see you.

  3. Physical features such as white lines or manhole covers may be wet and slippery, plan ahead to avoid them. Try not to brake or change direction suddenly whilst travelling over them.

  4. Pay attention to the “SLOW” painted on the road, it’s there for a reason.

  5. Wake up drivers who you think may not be concentrating - sound your horn. Let them know you’re there. Put your hand up to acknowledge and thank them - it diffuses any potential road rage.

  6. Street lights - use them as a good indication of the layout of the road. In a residential area where there are street lights treat speed limit as 30 mph.

  7. One lamp post in the middle of nowhere could tell you of a possible junction that may be hidden to you. Consider sounding your horn.

  8. Beware of oncoming traffic cutting across the solid white line on bends. In a correct position you can read the road ahead early. Move over, slow down, and move to central position if you need to. Always give up your position for safety.

  9. On right hand bends, don’t lean into the right hand carriageway. Be mindful of the width of your machine, especially if you have panniers fitted.

  10. Never overtake on an approach to a junction; the vehicle in front may suddenly turn right in front of you.

  11. Never overtake unless you can see the gap you want to end up in.

  12. Lorries are usually 3-4 car lengths, judge the length needed to be able to overtake and look for the gap to get back into.

  13. Filtering - take opportunities, don’t take chances. Take extreme care; always identify a place where you can rejoin the traffic.

  14. Keep your concentration levels up. It’s more difficult than you think.

  15. Watch out for pedestrians crossing from behind vehicles, vehicles changing lanes, performing u turns, opening doors. Always keep left of traffic islands.

  16. If a bike comes up behind you at speed whilst filtering, let it pass – don’t be pushed into going faster.

  17. Reflective road paint and studs could be slippery throw the bike off line.

  18. Always ‘Bike Safe’!

All very good advice. Also remember that cagers in Wiltshire (just a county at random) won’t be used to ‘North Circular’ tactics…

Is bukesafe something to do with Bukake?

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“1. Raise your vision higher and further. As far as you can see there is information to help you judge what’s going to happen next.”

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