Some Bandit 600 Bits Wanted

Im after a rev counter, right hand side engine case cover & a cheap loud exhaust :smiley:

Preferably wanna get some bits together so I can get the bike running and on the road asap


I have a 3 bolt round micron and 4 bolt oval can micron also, If theyre any good, Make me an offer.

They wont fit mate, only the 1200 has bolt on cans I think, mines all piece inc the link pipe.

Think I have an oval micron can and link pipe how does £50 sound as the clamp cost me £25.

Do you have a MK1 bandit? Have some bars, rg crash bungs (a little scuffed) and a few other bits and bobs.

PM me your email adress and I’ll send you piccies of the parts.

I know Lol, Just wondered whether you may have wanted to source a pipe your self. No worrys mate

didt see wot he listed but ya might be lucky.

Cheers! Katana you got a PM :slight_smile: