Some Afghanistan Pics....

As some of you queers know, my brother is with the smelly Paras in Afghan, Helmand having a mental time…Heres some pictures in no particular order…But what might be of interest is the IED pics, he had to respond to. Basically he was the medic in another vehicle, behind the one that was hit(50kg oil drum bomb), rule is, the driver always stays put for obvious reasons and picked up a camera and started snapping.

Guy on the far right lost both ankles. Ginger on the left needed surgery as the blast blew the metal door into his face as he was flying out knocking out all row of bottom teeth. Driver lost both legs and 1 arm but is alive. In one pic, you will see my brother helping out 1 injured person, and in the pic to his right is another fella who has now left the Army as he started screaming in the night, every night as he had dreams of getting blown up(hes been blown up twice before).

Pictures were taken 30 seconds after the blast

Heres the pics…

A day after the explosion, they went back to pick up the parts of vehicle scattered everywhere and sadly body parts.

IED in no order…Also some people know the drills for explosions but alot dont. When something like this goes off, you cant just run up and be a hero, you gotta check for secondary devices as most large IEDs will be covered by smaller secondary. Hence you see blokes running around with metal detectors checking the area is clear before the medics/everyone runs in.

Taliban booby trap paths and lay out signs for the locals not to go up there, luckily some are pretty obvious like this pic shows…“No go”

I can never say enough in admiration and respect for the Boys and Girls out there.
Bit worried about the pics though mate, are the victims happy about them going public and also OpSec - should we be showing how the aftermath is dealt with ??

Hope your Brother is doing well.

The victims aren’t named and no opsec issues here. I just wanted to get across what the boys and girls are doing out there on a daily basis. People only hear in the news of the deaths, not about the victims who lose limbs and suffer mentally.

Also this war has been going on a decade, same procedures for the last 5 years. Nothing the enemy don’t know.

:frowning: ok, i’m not going to look at this thread again

God, I hope to god we smash the fcuk out of those bastards. They are nothing short of chickenshits that plant and run. I’ve been wishing i was out the’re with my old mob of late. Kinda feel I’ve let them down all these years.

Anyway, thanks for the pics dude, keep em Comming . Civpop need to see what we are doing over the’re.

Thanks for posting these; I hope your brother stays safe out there. My niece’s boyfriend will be heading out there with the Marines pretty soon.Sadly this whole situation will continue until Iran stops supplying arms and explosives to the taleban, and Pakistan stops providing reinforcements of loons willing to use them/blow themselves up/kill innocent people.

Truth of the matter is that Pakistan and Iran are at war with the West, they are just doing it by proxy. Just like China were at war with the US in the '60s and '70s - in Vietnam.

Thanks for these.

Brings back a few memories. I’d like to add to them, but not sure where I’d start…some of mine aren’t ideal for a public forum.

Have a friend out for the third time in April - a medic based in Camp Bastion.

Thanks for sharing.


Same. I don’t think pictures of soldiers and civvies with open fracture wounds will do any positive for the forum.

It’s nice to have a reminder that people volunteer to help out other cultures for the greater good.

Huge respect to your brother out there and all the other troops fighting for our side

Cannot put into words my admiration for these brave guys and girls…

Hope they all stay safe

It’s not only physical injuries that the servicemen and their families will have to deal with on their return. Those men will never be the same again. (Personal experience of family suffering repercussions from 1982)

Respect to all the guyz n girlz out there :slight_smile:

+1:) i’ll be out there soon enough, cant keep hold of this motorcycling malarky for the rest of my army life:crying:

very sobering, brings it home and also get them out of the war, ok war is war but ffs , we need to sort out our country first

full respect to the boys out there, there is never going to be enough support back home for the injured and mentaly injured (from the govt)but help for heros is doing a good job. i have a relative in 2 para out there atm

They are fighting their war the best way they can. They can’t do a german v the world standoff because they don’t have the manpower or technology.

you wouldnt see this on british tv,because it shows it how it is, and plus its a vote loser for the govt. if we saw more of this people might vote the right way. not that i realy want to see these pics but its a nanny state we live in