Some 50s, 60s and 70s classics

The great Chet Atkins performing his cover of “Mr Sandman”, 1954

Del Shannon, “Runaway”, 1965. A legendary song famous for the keyboard solo, when they recorded it Shannon was so nervous his voice was always out of tune - too flat. After many attempts they gave up on him and just sped the tape up, putting him into the right key but he no longer sounded like Del Shannon. If you ever wondered how he reached that high falsetto for the chorus, the answer is - he didn’t :hehe:

Jefferson Airplane, “Volunteers of America”, 1969. Their lead singer Marty Balin is autistic; not a lot of people know that.

The great Jimi Hendrix, filmed on 1 August 1970 performing “Hey Baby”, he passed away less than two months later on 18 September. The raw genius of this man kicks in at 3’38".

Going up with “UPP” - “Down in the Dirt”, 1974. Nice bass solo at 2’10", some pretty good drumming as well…

Link Wray - “Midnight Lover”, 1975. Like Hendrix he was of American Indian descent - from the Shawnee tribe, hence the head-dress motif on his guitar (Hendrix was a quarter Cherokee).

If Runaway was written and recorded in 2010, unfortunately this is what it would sound like :w00t:


Some rather interesting tunes :slight_smile: