Solus: a short motorcycle film

A short film by Ricki Bedenbaugh for Lossa Engineering, “Solus”. Lossa Engineering built Yamaha SR500, also featured on Cafe Racer TV season 1

Nice video, love the soundtrack.

Was thinking of an early night today and all, but watching that I really really want to go out now :blink:

<3 Heh.


I recognise that cityscape though - trying to think where. Is it LA? :ermm:

Nice use of the second movement from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, pretty well any film would be good if it used that as a soundtrack, as Tom Hooper (director of The King’s Speech) knows only too well :laugh:

This is a good vid, though. Makes me want to buy a cafe racer and zip around the streets of Croydon at about 3am :hehe:

1:24 - posters on the lamp posts advertising Hollywood Bowl - so it’s only a guess - but I’d say yes :wink: :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Hollywood Bowl around the corner from me :blink:

And yes, after watching the vid the urge to go out nights has beaten me… :w00t:

Trainers and Jeans! tut tut rofl