Solo Motorcycle bay parking

Hello Guys,

A couple of questions as I rarely park out and about, just home and work:

I want to park in a motorcycle bay in Brixton tonight, however I have noticed a “residents permit parking only” sign above it before. I looked up lambeths parking website and they state the following, with no mention about needing to have a residents parking permit -

“Motorbike bays will have markings on the street and signs with the wording ‘Solo Motorcycles Only’. Find out the Motorbike bay locations.You can park your motorbike in an on-street pay and display bay or a vehicle bay in a car park. This is not recommended however as it can be difficult to display tickets on motorbikes because of the risk of theft or loss which may lead to you being liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).”

Can bikes park in any bay marked solo motorcycles regardless of having a residents permit or not?

Also what is the general consensus on making room in bays for your bike, I have gone to park in so many places and they are always incredibly packed. I’ve moved small scooters before but wouldn’t dare touch a big sports bike, I don’t have the strength!

Thank you!

You don’t need a residents permit to park in Lambeth bike bays, just to park in residents bays. Does the bike bay have a specific residents only sign for it? I’ve never seen a residents bike bay before.

There are hours of operation for the other ones (pay & display or residents bays) and outside of those hours you can use them too.


Yeah they appear to have a residents permit and times of operation sign above them, I’ve noticed this on all of the bays central to the brixton station area.

Check out the link below for an example, this is where I was going to park tonight:,-0.1177533,3a,75y,48.98h,79.02t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s9-ZHCqR22k6ZTOmslUTKeA!2e0

Hey Lauren,

Have a look at this:

You can search for rules by borough.
IIRC Chelsea and Camden don’t allow you to park in residents bays- there are probably a couple of others.

Hi, you’ll need a permit to park a motorbike in the resident bays in Lambeth.

There are a few motorcycle bays dotted around there -

As for moving bikes, that’s a whole cans of worms you’re opening there lol - Personally I’ll move a scooter if I think they are parked in a dangerous manner :wink:

Ok cool,

Well the sign on this bay says mon-sat 8.30-5.30 then underneath that - permit holders only - and then a separate sign underneath motorcycles only.

Why is parking for bikes such a nightmare in Lambeth?!! ha

I think what’s happened is that the motorbike bay paint has worn off and they’ve stuck a small sign on the nearest signpost to save the cost and effort of repainting it. It’s just a confusing sign location and the bike bay requires no permit.

A residents motorbike bay would make no sense as a motorbike permit lets you park in any resident bay. The Lambeth website says Parking in dedicated motorbike bays is free of charge which seems pretty unequivocal.

I generally avoid parking in Lambeth because of the bike parking rules, better to ride out of my way a bit to somewhere I can actually park without having to ride round looking for a bay and then walking back to my destination.

I think general consensus on moving peoples bikes within bays is don’t, certainly not if they’re around to see you :wink:

Brill thanks!

Haha agreed, I was trying to park at a starbucks in chelsea the other day, two huge bike bays around the corner, chockablock full. Chanced it and moved a scooter across and literally squeezed my 125 lol was breaking a sweat worrying about scratching someones bike, so nerve wracking ha