Where`s that?

Who cares?

West midlands?


Good point but weve discovered its near the M 42, part of our rout to the lake district.

So now Solihull is officialy cool.:smiley:

No doubt the local estate agents are now rubbing their hands in glee at the news of it’s elevation & more importantly the prospect of thousands of hip Shoreditch types arriving in town looking for trendy retro-cool semis…

If you are going past Solihull - you aren’t doing the scenic route :smiley:

Course it’s scenic, you could choose one of the best India restaurants

And don’t forget the Mangos!

Solihull isn’t cool. I spent a while staying up there, working for Jaguar Land Rover, and it was a depressing place to be…

JLR itself was great though :slight_smile: