Solicitor needed for legal letter?

Hi all, sorry quite off topic but im looking for a solicitor that can help with a nasty situation regarding my ex and the sale of my house… (or current non sale!) any ideas???

Thanks all!

Get yourself a decent solicitor who specialises in family law. Many practices do things, ie letters, or separation agreements, for a fixed price, or will give you a quote with a capped £ ceiling so it the cost can’t suddenly shoot up! Not sure where you’re based but your local Citizens Advice may be able to suggest a somewhere.

Ditto, saying the wrong thing could cause you all kinds of trouble. Solicitors have professional negligence cover to protect you financially if they get it wrong. Dont just get any one to write it!

Dunno mate. But ask again in 2 years and should be able to help

Thanks all, im off to the CAB, why doe’s it always end nasty…

Dunno mate. Hope it works out for you.

Keep well away from Lewis Nedas !!

Im going down for a right stretch if I let them carry on !!

Total ****e !!