soles for sidi boots

was just wondering
did anyone ever had the sidi’s resoled

is it worth it? if so where can one get it done


Whoa … were you reading my mind? I looked at mine as I took them off just now and wondered whether you could re-sole them. Doesn’t look like you can to me … but hey … never say die :wink: :smiley:

See here :smiley:

cheers digger;)

i left my boots with local shoe repair dude
he quoted 23 quid for resoleing(is that a proper word???)

will see how it looks on monday
try to post some pictures when i figure out how

excellent, i been wonderign this my self, i have a pair of GT B2’s that badly need soles doing, and another old pair i can get re-soled and wear in summer…pukka!! nice one!!:smiley:

That price seems pretty fair :slight_smile: Hopefully he does a good job! :smiley:

all right i just picked up my boots from repair

this is the way the new soles look like

im quite pleased think he did a good job:)


I dropped my Gaerne boots off at the place in North Cheam I mentioned in the other thread to be reheeled. I will let you know what I get back.

I hope your wife doesn’t see your boots on the table ;):stuck_out_tongue: