Soe new ones...

just a few finished sketches…

really thinking about trying this on a biek now or at least getting some mad einto vynil stickers:D




me wants one:angry:

what ya want?

MAD dog or KTM:D or KTM mad dog!

could also have it put on a an LB hoodie!:smiley: ah ha!

tis funny, i thought after so many years i might have lost the touch…no chance!!!:cool:

dont mind only if your not busy:) nice work tho:cool:

Wicked work mate, Tiggi wants one too :slight_smile: your gonna be a busy bunny :wink:

i will do them, just gimme time…i often forget and then remember, i still got a few to finish for other peeps!

cheers for teh comments, i love the final colourfull product!


would you like one done for dave?:slight_smile:

they are cool , ta for my pink sv one x:D

Great minds think alike, will pm you mate as I have an idea :slight_smile:

good skills there Ratty - you need to get yourself out and about in london town now, get yourself on a few walls in shoreditch…Rattimusmaximus as the tag! :smiley:

been there done that…dont paint anymore mate just sketch now, im too old to get nicked for graf…

i was up in london at one time, i piad my dues:D

wheres mine !!! cant you spell bluestar !!!would be careful who i showed it too in case someone recognised the style hahahaah …you know what am saying !!! i tried this but im c**p

Maybe its something to do with my age, but i cant decipher what they say !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Can someone translate plz ? :):):slight_smile:

Me want mine on a hoodie now…

neither can I :w00t: not sure if they actually read anythig anyway:) Good skills though Ratty

I can see Angel and is the second one PPG?

Took a while though;):smiley:

10/10 chunky;)