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Hi all

So I pick up a new bike Sunday after 12 years without one (yamaha xj6n). I’m going to be very rusty, I was looking to do the Enhanced Rider course but thats all out the window with covid.

I was wandering does anyone know of a biking community/groups in London? Would love to meet some fellow bikers, maybe go for a ride and just jump back into the world of 2 wheels!

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Hello HK and welcome to LB. You’ve found the right place for ride outs. The timing’s not great but keep logging in.

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Welcome @Hackneykid2020 as Eezie says, going to be difficult as not supposed to be doing anything other than essential travel and I think a ride out would be a suitable reason.

Worth looking at a bike safe, again, may not be running right now but good place to help you get back on the bike. Gives you a bit of rider training and classroom which will help you understand the mindset (did for me) of other road users.

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