so when is this fuel strike due?

days? weeks?

I dont want to decide i need to fill up and arrive at every petrol station thats empty…

They’ve voted in favour of action, I think the union are meeting today to discuss their options.

If a strike goes ahead, suggestion is that it’ll be easter weekend.

Again, just kind of trying to remember what I read last strike, but London Petrol stations sell a lot of fuel per day and need frequent top ups. So I would say, without rationing, and with panic buying, London would be totally dry 24 hours after a strike started.

Emergency service workers should be on a special list (as I used to be) to get petrol whilst us plebs (I’m no longer on list) do without. See your manager etc.

Why is the government even allowing strikes. If they don’t like the job or aren’t happy with pay then they can fu*k right off. We’re in a recession there are loads of unemployed people who want to work.

The governemnt don’t have any say do they?

I don’t know any of the background to the strikes but on balance, I’d quite like tanker drivers to be trained, experienced professionals - I don’t want Johnny Work-Experience tonking around town with 30,000 litres of petrol behind him :blink:

There is no strike until the unions give 7 days notice of it, which they haven’t. Hence the lunacy of anyonme suggesting topping up tanks and loading up jerry cans on domestic properties.

People can be trained :slight_smile:

Normally the Unions don’t really tell us the detailed causesfor discontentment amongst the members. Just one liners like in this case safety and conditions, and the MPs retort with nahnahnah evil strikers hurting the innocent.

However on this occasion I have read the petrol makers over the decades stopped doing their own deliveries and contracted out. The contractors want to make money, and to do this they sometimes expect drivers to make a round of deliveries faster than it is actually possible at real time road speed limits to achieve. The contractors make money on the extra stops they now add to the route, and I gather by hiring untrained drivers on a lower wage from abroad, (UK dangerous substance drivers have to pass tests on emergency management etc. which might not be at the same level or cost to take in the rest of the EC, so they expect a higher wage), whilst the manufacturers make money in savings by contracting out and leaving wages as the contractors problem.

So bottom of the chain are the majority of UK drivers who end up suffering and so they strike back.

^If that’s the case then more power to them, I can suffer a couple of days of difficulty in exchange for having mobile bombs driven by people who know what they’re doing. i can imagine that driving a fuel tanker around town centres is a pretty stressful and difficult job at times.

true enough, but I’d like to think that it might take more than a week :).

@monkimark - Yes that is the downside :frowning:

looking at the amount of people queing in the 6 or so petrol stations on my way home just now, im guessing either its tomorrow, or the duty rise is tomorrow.

Wow… that’d be a downer for some holiday makers.

I hope there’s some left for me now, or my bike might not have enough to get back from work this evening! :frowning:

In a week when they are showing their true colours (Increasing taxes on Pensioners / Taxcuts for the millionaires / taking 250k for a private dinner at No 10 + you get to suggest new policies) it’s a news story that takes the spotlight away from them.

Rather convenient

As I said - Lunacy!

Dorset police say things are getting out of hand and have called on a ban on petrol sales to stop panic buying! More lunacy!

I thought exactly the same… coinkidink? aihdonfinkso.

i feel a little guilty here, in my prophecy that this would happen, have i helped cause the panic filling up by posting this days ago?lol

Well let’s all hope the whole strike runs out of gas… Then you can come down to OMC :slight_smile:

ok, i am fully expecting some of my co-workers or should i say co-worker to be reading this and in case you are, guess what? i’m drinking again, i’m absolutely wasted, you misrable sad stalking ******, get a life and be rest assured i know who you are and my opinion of you went down, but onto the main topic…

why is everyone panic buying? (unless you are self-emoployed and have trouble with paying out loans…) yes yes we still need to be able to manage getting around everywhere…but this strike is hardly going to last anymore than what? few days? surely max is a week? i say f*ck it let nature run it’s course whatever happens happens. just in case any of my co-workers are reading this - no i am not going to buy **** loads of petrol and store it in my tiny single room endagering myself and my flatmates!! also i think we should show more of a support to protestors, i don’t know what they are protesting about but they must be unsatisfied with their work in one way or another and that’s enough of a reason for me. why don’t we just allow this country come to a standstill? maybe then there’ll be more of an incentive to stop using fuel and fucking up our world in the process…and what’s the worst that could happen getting a public transport to work? or sitting at home? or cycling :smiley:

to hell with it, i want this strike to happen