So the Jeremy Kyle Show has been axed

Can’t say I’ll miss it. The few clips I saw were either angry people arguing or someone breaking down with JK acting like a righteous judge.

I’m left thinking what was the appeal of the show as it was clearly popular? Voyeurism on human conflict and distress? I don’t know so am asking you wise lot.

I had never seen it until it hit the news this week. Pure exploitation, it looks like if fully deserves to be axed.

Good riddance to awful television. The vulnerable being exploited for entertainment. It was always extremely low-brow and distasteful, I just find it really sad that it’s taken a death for the powers that be to question the morality of it.

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Poverty porn. Good riddance

Nothing is eternal and such TV shows especially. Who really cares…

clap trap tv, i hope a few more get the same treatment, far to much trash on tv and radio.

There is so much crap on TV. It’s good that this garbage has been canned, however it is likely that something equally as shite will replace it.

If they actually got rid of the crap on all the channels then it would be reduced to 4 channels.

I lost my job many many years ago, after a week of Jeremy Kyle I would have picked turds out of toilets with my bare hands than watch that shite again!

I guess I was a success story out of it when you look at it like that, it drove me even more to get back into work…


The great irony is that after many years of telling people to buck up and get a job, that’s exactly what he has to do.


3,319 shows without anyone dying. Then they cancel the whole damn thing.

I fear for Casualty.


I’m just surprised it took 14 years for someone to feel so bad they top themselves…

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