so so close

had my closest off last night, left the rest of the underground crew and was heading home along city road when a blue focus decided to do a u turn inches in front of me, on went the brakes up came the back wheel as the car cleared my path it came back down nice and slow, now remember i am 2 up as well dont know how i did a stoppie but the feeling was brill, still turned the bike round chased the car car blocked the road off went up to the driver who was an old boy with a pocket A to Z still in his hand still saying sorry i am lost, i didnt mean it as i did indicate, turns out the fooker didnt even see me at all, after a bit more verbal from me i noticed his disabled pages on the dash i decided to just walk off as i was still on a bit of a buzz from doing the stoppie, i got no doubt that if i had not done a stoppie i would have hit the car, got to get some lessons on stoppies, cos that one i dont know how i did it.

see, we all need to learn stoppies and wheelies for our own safety!

Seriously though, glad you came out of it ok.

glad you saved it! unlike me

arrr Mr Walls,

how is the pain this morning



as an LB member i speak for all of us by saying you should stick to this

and leave the riding to the expert

well thankgod you had a bit of extra weight on the back!

Glad your alright, but even though he old git had a disable badge you can have a right dig at the old git.

i dont like you anymore andy!

r ok i get the message, but at least we like the same make of ice cream

saying that, where is the knocker today maybe him and terry have got the plastic hammer out trying to fix his bike.

nice one andy!!! lmao!!! it looks like its snowing

that was rain drops on the camera, they show up more when we lightened the pics

Heheh Nice pics Andy, and a 2-up stoppie, even better!!