So sad but so happy...

Well I parted from my yellow 2004 GSX-R600 today.

I am now a proud owner of a 2006 GSX-R1000 blue/white.

I saw the 2007 in person and made my decision at first glance, Suzuki needs to fire their aesthetics design team!

I too aren`t keen on the 2007 model.

Congrats, it’s a superb bike! You won’t be left wanting for the K7, don’t worry. I bet you got a good deal as well eh. Enjoy it…

600’s feel broken now. 1000’s are simply amazing machines. Wow!

I am very glad I had 2 years on my 600 and got a lot of track time with it cuz I didn’t realize how much power 1000’s have, make that a warning to all you newbies.

I’ve ridden a busa and I still think that the 1000 will spank them all the way till top end, then the bigger engine will kick in.

It feels like you are riding a bus compared to the other gixxers.

welcome to the k6 club brother…!!!

it’ll be the best thing you’ve done with your trousers on


Top man feel free to contact me for ideas to modify it, as iv a few ideas !!

Do any of you know a good dealer to get R & G sliders stateside?

~Ask Grimbusa or Jonnybusa?..they love em !!! ive also ridden a busa…albeit up the road and back only !!! been pillion on one for years, then some real nice people came and stole it from us…all ic an say is…that bike can shift !!! been on the back doing 200…done me neck in!!! cor…if i recall that was about the time i said to myself, i want my OWN bike…and sorted out me test and a gxsr600 for my first bike !!!

BUT…found it wanting…had trouble with electrics…for some unknown reason this little beauty did not want to start some mornings…after a few times, peed me off enough to make me go and get a VFR800…bit bulky, but a real nice ride…but hey ho…that ol devil came calling and twas the blade that the little voice was coming from…and so onto my first blade…the mauvey bluey, red and white jobby!! but alas, again i was wanting “more”…and so onto my 1000RR…then i saw “the one”…in red and white and gold wheels at NEC…was all ready to “go get it girl”…only to be shot down in flames by the dealer of all people…the man who sold me my current bike…how COULD he !!!

BUT…he was right…performance wise…no much diff…looks? a tad diff with the fairing…overall…why waste money, use what ive got, seeings ive changed everything i can on it (could add a few more bits n bobs to be fair, but dont want to look like a xmas tree all lights etc!!) could chrome up the wheels (thanks M9 for advice!)…so…im sticking for now…but im still watching that red and white one!!! oh yeh! ( i refuse to change me leathers AGAIN tho) Hein Gericke must love me, every time i change a bike, i change the leathers to match !!!

Changing the subject here BIG TIME?..while ive been typing this out? my parrot hasnt stopped making bluddy noise !!! hes talking to himself etc etc, screeching,whistling, going mental with his head banging etc…why the hell is he quiet till about 7pm and then when u wanna watch a few ol soaps, starts this !!! hes driving me to go out on me bike !!!

Theres no difference in both models (K6 and K7), only colour scheme

I hope you aren’t serious???

K5-6 is only colour change but K7 is different it has twin pipes and BHP button to remap ECU !!