Snow, anyone?

I would go for the whole time but i wont know if i can go for atleast another month or 2 yet. Thats the only thing about the army, its a pain getting the time off when you want it off

Right - Ive been shopping around around quite extensively and need an idea of numbers for the following:- skiing/snowboarding in France

  • probably about £450 per person per head PLUS ski pass and self catering money (est £100-£150) for a 7 day stint, although Mark and I may stay for 10-14 days depending on how fit he is feeling :wink: (yuore welcome to join us!)

  • Im happy to cook (dont worry, Im a good cook :))

  • leaving 27th December - if you wanted to just come for a few days after then, that’s possible - we can fit you into our appartments (chalets got REALLY expensive), but you need to let us know this ASAP as we will also need to factor you into the transfers…

  • there are a lot of fuel hikes so the price is a little more than that originally described (based on what we got last year)… (sorry!)

How many places you have?? As i’m intrested…

As many as people who want to come - I need to book it soon, though, as time is getting on and they will want a deposit. Full amount is usually due around the start of November.

If you could let me know how many people and the kind of sleeping arrangements you need plus how much you want to spend and whether you want any lessons etc. Im aiming to book it all between the middle and end of September. Im happy to cater for those who dont want to stay a full week and Im happy to let you know where we will be if you want to book at a later point and join us, but we do need final figures very soon.