Snetterton 09/09 + 10/09 anyone?? No limits

Anyone going to snett on 09/10 of sep? Me and my mate booked up for inters hope the weather holds out

79 per day or 155 for both!

I should be there, look out for a tatty old SV with plenty of duct tape :hehe:

Edit: On the 9th!

cool! ye aint a trackday if you aint got duck tape:) lol what group you in

Haha damn strait!

Going to hit up inters, what about yourself?

P.s. Booked onto the Tuesday now due to work commitments :frowning:

Just re-read your original post! Looks like I will be seeing you in inters then!

What bike are you on?

cool! blue r6 5eb…ive got red n white arai lid and always wear a white/grey t shirt on top so you’ll know its me:) well im not sure if mate is coming now hes in 2minds so might just be me and my pitman(dad) lol cant Wait!!!

Nice, I’ll keep an eye out, heading to bedford on the 17th as well I think.

Pit man, like it!

I may sack this off, wall to wall rain forecast and I have no wets :frowning: