Snapped key in Abus lock


So, my little lad has snapped the key in an Abus bicycle lock, that’s currently keeping his push bike locked up at his school. :roll_eyes:

It’s this sort of style lock, but with slightly different key/lock mechanism:

Uses a little flat style key. Haven’t been able to remove the remainder of key, tried needle nose pliers and a fret saw blade in there, but it’s too reluctant to come out. Also tried turning the key and opening the lock with the snapped off key in there, but no luck. Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare either…

Thinking I may have to go round to the school with an angle grinder and long extension lead. Any one got any other ideas?


Do you have the skill of a surgeon?

Put a tiny amount of superglue on the part of the key you still have free. Try to attach it to the edge of the broken key. Wait. Then withdraw the broken part. Take key to shop to get another cut.

Chances of success are tiny but it’s all I can think of and what have you got to lose?


Have you got the abuse key code card you could have another made


I had a similar situation with a snapped key in a Givi Pannier. I went to a shop near Notting Hill where a chap picked it open with a set of pins then removed the key and I was all set. He was highly skilled though. If you can’t move the bike then I think you should take an angle grinder to it.

Plot twist, have someone video it and set a timer running. If there are enough sparks you’ll make enough on YouTube to replace the lock.


Reminds me of when I couldn’t get through a padlock on a garage…quite funny looking back.


What eezy said, but if super glue doesn’t work try another glue or a resin. Use card around the key to stop it sticking to the lock.