Snap On Evolution Tool Box

Selling Snap On Evolution Tool Box With Top Box

Great Condition

Has Locks And 2 Keys

Limited Edition Only 500 Made

Looking for £950

PM for Details

Thanks Dan

Do you have paperwork for it? :cool:

What kind of MPG does it do?

Does it come with tools? I bought the same sized snap on boxes (normal red ones) and a teng box for £80 all in. Ebay :smiley:

Tbh, at that price I would want it to come with a mechanic… :slight_smile:

Yes has paperwork and if you push it maybe 2-3 mpg
No tools comes with cover tho

And it’s a magical tool box when your around it in your garage and working on your bike it changes you into a mechanic… Like when Eric eats a banana and changes into banana man :smiley: