Smoked screen on the cheap.

Hi all,

Typical newbie full of ideas - none of them good! but lets see what you think.

I’ve been looking at changing the stock clear screen on my 2001 cbr600 F4i - unlike the bar ends - i dont think this will upset anything else on the bike!

So anyway, i couldnt believe how much they were. I know ebay do them cheaper but still, i thought there has got to be a cheaper option…so here they are:

1.) Buy smoke screen spray from Halfords (£8.95 last i checked)

2.) Buy tinting film! (£9 on ebay)

I just wanted to know if anyone else has thought of this, tried it, gave up on it? Any hints and tips froms those in the know? I think im leaning towards the film as the spray can look really crap if you dont get an even finish. However, the film will need hours of squeezing out air bubbles and standing about with a hairdrier looking stupid.:Whistling:

Is there a third option? (apart from buying one propoer)

I’d either save up your pennies and buy a new one or scour Ebay and try for a bargain;)

it’s looking that way:ermm:

forget the tinting bit, could end up costly.

save up for a proper screen…ebay.
worth it.

Can get you a dark smoke screen mate. brand new - £38

Retails at £59.99 :wink:

Love Airblade screens…Not that cheap at £45 though

Airblade is the ones i can get aswell lol

Hein gEricke sell them for £59.99


I think I may have sourced a black one from deamon tweeks for about £35 - then again - since i can afford that - i may as well have a go at doing it on the cheap? Nothing to lose really, if it looks crap i’ll just go the road i was always going to go down anyway…and buy a proper one! Anyway, project for the summer me thinks.

PS - I wish it would stop raining!!! want to try and get a few good shots of my bike up on the website preferably not looking damp and miserable!