Smoked Double Bubble Screen for CBR600fw (98 model)

I’ve had this thing sitting on top of my wardrobe since I had to streetfighter the CBR600f, due to a deisel spill! :pinch:

It’s in very good condition, and I paid £55 for it early last year.

Bargain price of £25! :slight_smile:

Picture below shows how nice it looks! :cool:




should it fit a 600rr?

I don’t think it does mate, due to the fairing being a different shape. As far as I know, the fairing changed after this model, and therefore the holes for the screws wouldn’t match the screen.

BUMP! :smiley:

will it fit a CBR600f 2004 model???

I doubt it mate. Again due to the difference in fairing etc… :wink:


BUMP! :smiley: