smileds summer tune playlist

just thought ide share a few belters for ya…

me and Roo are jamming to all thease good tunes…shes a boogie girl for sure:D…

first up…

more as the day goes on;)

love the faithless TUNNEEEE!! :smiley:

quality aint it:D…
Armin van douchbag has done a real good job on it…:P.

some more :wink:


Wow - nice nice selection. Now all I can think of sexy hot summer evenings with a drink in hand, dancing away in a beach bar, wearing a nice tan and oh being not so pregnant.

Can’t stop whistling that kid cudi tune memories now lol…and that i found u one the background music is exellent:D

Might add some more in a bit as the weathers so nice:)


Got a new one for you Shane :wink: