smiled almost fired...sniff sniff

what was wrong with the aircraft? did they get an engineer to take a look at it???

i would guess your in the tgwu smiled?

just slap the ****** and be done with it:D

Mate you stuck by your guns which is great, if your supervisor is a twat dont worry about it, you did what you thought was right for the safety of the plane and its passengers.

hope the cuppa and nachos last night helped mate…though you didn’t hve to demonstrate on me what you were going to do to him!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well done for sticking with your convictions. :slight_smile:

Dare I ask, was there a problem with the aircraft?

well done shane for keeping cool.if u didnt think it was safe that should be checked thats what u r there for and if anything happened and u let it ride then u wouldent live with u r self would u.if the other guy wants to override u then he signs the plane off and takes the responsabilaty if it goes wrong,but at least u done u r best.

u almost got fired but u didnt cos u used ur brain and did ur job right… funny how they tell u off when u follow procedure like they explained when they train u but put into practice they only care bout the money… thats business for u…

glad u had the common sense to fight ur reasons for what u did but in future punch some sense into the supervisor and anyone else who agrees with doing the incorrect thing… :smiley:

Nice one for keeping your cool dude, just put it all behind you and be the better man. Just out of curiosity though, did your boss mention anything about the safety check and you not being happy before a**hole bloke stepped in?


thanks again for all the support guys…means soo much!!!;).

as for the problem…well…here goes…

it was an Airbus A320 and i was doing a walk around…

on the rear/front cargo doors…you’ve got 5 little windows that display red when the doors are not locked and green when they are locked…

the sun was shining on the side of the aircraft when i did my first walk around and when i checked the windows…there was a bit of a glare so i couldnt see all of the windows…the last 3 were green so i just walked on…

not feeling comfortable after my first walk around…i had this gut feeling that i should do another…just to be safe…;).

so i went back around the plane and came to the rear cargo door…the first little window was displaying red…and the rest green…

so i asked the captain if all his doors were displaying closed on his console and he said yes…still not happy…i wanted to delay the flight untill i had an engineer look at it…thats when all the trouble kicked off…

he’s apologized today for the whole incident and things are back to normal…:D…which made my day sooo much easier…lol

thing is…i always make a point of walking threw the departure section of the airport to go to the aircraft…just so i can see the faces of the real people on board…women…children…ect…ect…it kinda brings it home to my mind that the’re are real ppl onboard and thus…going over the aircraft with my full concentration in hand…;).

thanks again everyone…what the hell would i doo with out you lot eh?

ide be fffffff…:D…lol


Erm, punch out the supervisor, forearm smash the boss and anyone else who ‘wants some’ possibly lolol.Alls well ends well.shando

Wow, hope you check my planes when I fly! Nice to see someone takes their job responsibly and makes me feel safer when im flying. Well done hun!


Well contained Shane. :wink:

Glad all is now tickety-boo - sounds to me as though you should be the hands-on supervisor. :slight_smile:

Good call mate, personally I would report your idiot (read supervisor) to the CAA for a potentially dangerous safety violation. Or if you want I still have my LHR access for another week, I can come airside and kick him in the b0ll0cks if you want? :smiley:

The things some people do to try and get on “Airport”;):smiley:

good on you for standing up to him!