smelly socks

why is it that men just leave their stinking socks in all manner of places, grrr!! yuk!!!

I dont get smelly socks as i dont have smelly feet.

You should tell him him to pick his own smelly socks up or your going on strike.

every time u have to pick up his smelly socks put them straight in the bin!!!

so when he hasnt got any left he will start puting them away properly and maybe realise!!!

worked with my ex husband!!!

luckerly adam hasnt got smelly feet!!!

haha smelly socks, i hate it when u go out in the rain and u get wet smelly feet!! its horrid!!

i know adams seceret to getting rid of smelly feet tho!! haha nt tht i have smelly feet!!

I dont get smelly feet. But if I did I would boil mine!!!

no toff i dont think peeps would like to know that one!!! they may look him up!!LOLLOL

haha lol,

i have very clean feet too, but ooh sometimes its like old cheese, either that or im gonna cut his tshirts up and use em as polishing rags on the bike!

smelly socks!!! is that rhyming slang for something else westie???

and its not a secret about how my feet dont smell!! its a well known medical fact!!!

yeah thats right summit and ****s…

You wanna get a wiff of my gym trainers. Killers!

Its perfectly natural to have smelly feet! - Whiney babies!

OH SHUT IT YOU! HEHE im not into smelling trainers im just fed up of my uvver arf leavin his stinkin socks all over the place!

They’re not just any trainers, nike airforce vintage 98. Almost 10 years of pounding the treadmill!

oh dear lord, are you telling me youve had the same set of stinky shoes for 10 years?

Oh yeah, and my wife loves them! I had to rescue them from a near fire incident once. Crazy woman don’t understand the bond!

OH DEAR, hehe they cant be too healthy, chuck em out and get a new pair!!!

Thats such a woman thing to say. I have loads of pairs but these are the best!

its not a womens thing to say, thats crap! get yaself a new pair, no wonder they honk, or wash em

im not comenting on this at all

I’ve got smelly feet - I’ll let you all have a whiff of them one day